Monday, August 25, 2008

enough with the "I told you so" already.

Yeah, yeah--camping for a week is hard. Some parts anyway...

The beach--not hard, in fact, the most fun we had since last year at the beach.

Salt water taffy, cookouts every night, s'mores around the bonfire-SO FREAKIN FUN!

Showering with two kids (both in the stall with me, every day for 5 days) umm, not so fun. Explaining the more delicate parts of female anatomy to my daughter because sand is all up in there. Not. so. fun.


Getting drunk with our friends and showering a sleeping Bill with Glowstick juice.* Really FUN. REALLY REALLY FUN. Don't feel bad, he woke up, realized he bore a striking resemblance to tinkerbell, and promptly fell back asleep.

*this was totally sanctioned by 2 law enforcement officers. Actually they started it, but there was a nurse present to make sure that it was non-toxic. (There was a teacher there too, but she really didn't do much except giggle, I suppose she could have told us exactly how immature we were being...)