Monday, May 02, 2011

The Party People are Pooped.

TWO Birthday extravaganzas this was a little bit of a miracle that they happened at all. It seems like kids are scheduled every minute of the day (mine included). I can't say whether this is good or bad, but it makes it hard to get a group of kids together.

G's get together was first (which is strange, since her actual birthday is after Mike's; I can't even remember how she talked me into that).

As you can see, since this was a group of third-almost-fourth-graders, there were very sophisticated.

But throw a 5-year old in the mix and they are more than happy to come down to his level. Quickly.

Mike's had his party at Chuck E Cheese, or as Nina called it, "Vegas for the under 10 crowd". It is totally like Vegas, the kids eat too much Spongebob Cake, and their tokens are gone before they know it.

Fortunately everything that happens at CEC stays at CEC.

How did Angelina feel?

two words: Not Impressed.