Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Big Dipper...new and improved with more pekinese!

Year two of the Big Dipper..The free ice cream festival in Elm Park that benefits Children's Hospital. Here are Gia and Mike pre-ice cream...

And here's Mario. Nina wasn't sure how he climbed that huge bridge with such short legs. Come to think of it, she asked me how I made it up there too.

ah...so cute.

During and post-ice cream infusion.

and then there is the star of the day.

Not sure whose kid this is, or why she is sticking her finger up Mario's nose--that's really a bad idea. He was more popular than the kids and just as high maintenance (which is saying something).

Barcelona: the food post

Why am I so freaking happy?

Because every morsel of food in Barcelona was absolutely delicious. Tapas were the standard meal for lunch and dinner. Little plates of deliciousness. Yes, those are anchovies. Those were mine. The french fries are Bill's (that can't be a surprise...and he did ask for ketchup. I was mortified).

Did I mention it is impossible to get a bad cup of coffee? Unless you go to Starbucks, they do exist there, and they are filled with Americans.

An awesome farmer's market...those are shakes in the lower right, buried in ice with only the straw sticking out.

Yum--Shrimp! With eyes!

Also, everyone starts drinking at noon.

possibly another reason I was so happy. just saying.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

at least one of us did not get locked up abroad

Since Bill is still in Barcelona while I write this, it is definitely possible that we may see him on the Discovery Channel (and honestly, if you've seen that show-he looks like a candidate).

I definitely belong somewhere in the mediterranean region. This would also mean that I would get to own a Vespa.

The architechture is like something out of a Dr. Seuss book.

The Sauda Famiglia is a Cathedral designed by Gaudi. While it clearly has elements that make it look like a traditional cathedral, it is very modern as well.

The above is a view of the city from the Barcelona Art Museum.

But I did a fair amont of work too..see how tired I was?

Actually, that was in the art musuem...but I DID do work...seriously.