Saturday, June 21, 2008

Lost in translation

Me: Hon, what are you doing?

Mike: Buggy Mama! HI BUGGY! (daddy longlegs-getting stomped)

Me: Yes, that's a nice buggy. Oh no--we don't hurt the buggy Mike!

Mike: Buggy, yes, hurt Buggy Mama! (stomp)

Me: NO! We are NICE to the buggy!

Mike: Why?

Me: Because they are living things and we don't hurt living things.

Gianna: well, except ticks and fleas--you HATE ticks...

Mike: HURT TICKs Mama! (stompstompstomp)

Me: NO! We are NICE to other living things.

Mike: Nice? Nice Buggy, Nice Feathers! NIIIICE Mama!

Me: wha...? yeah, we have to be nice to birds too...(?)

Gianna: He's saying FLOWERS, remember yesterday you told him not to hurt the flowers? He was stomping on them...(I swear she whispered "psycho" under her breath)

Me: Right! Yes! Nice to buggies, nice to flowers!

of course, at that exact moment a mosquito lands on Mike.

I killed it.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

You're not going to want to mention this at CCD, sweetie

So, I found these toys exactly as you see them.

Hey Jasmine, who's your new friend? Yeah, seriously, she needs to lighten up.

Listen Mulan, not everyone has smokin' abs like I do. YOU of all people shouldn't judge, I mean weren't you like, a male impersonator?

I don't know why we have this Virgin Mary, and I don't know why she is exactly the same size as the Disney Princesses. I just know that I'm probably going to hell.

Mr. Cooper said it best...School's OUT..

Can the first year really be over? I suppose so, the girl is 6 now--she was actually happier than this picture shows (she hadn't had her coffee yet).

So many fun end of the year events--She had a pizza party at school, beach day, field day, the spring concert.

She was even picked to give the academic award from Elmwood to the High School Senior at awards night. When she saw all the seniors and their parents streaming into the school, her comment, " All these people came to watch me give this award, how nice of them!" Utterly serious.

She clearly is comfortable on stage. So is Mike. Disturbingly comfortable. You might think that the auditorium was empty (why else would we let him wheelbarrel himself around the stage). It wasn't. It was full.

I don't know if I am more melancholy now, or when she started Kindergarten.