Monday, October 01, 2007

im on ur laptop...hacking ur blog...

Clinical notes:
The experiment is going well, I am fairly certain I have pushed the mothership to the brink of sanity. I estimate two or three weeks before complete and total breakdown. At which point, I steal her credit card and continue with my true quest, world domination (or a neverending supply of rice krispy treats-whichever).

Recap of my methods this week:

Minor stuff, I was just warming up.

Really needs no explanation (can you see the wet spot?)

Just when she starts using that name that Daddy tells her not to call me, it's time to switch tactics and quietly play on the floor for 45 minutes (just to really freak her out).

Perhaps the most cruel, no reality tv for two days (note: no one can prove that I broke the TV, but apparently the nice lady on the panasonic customer service line said that rapidly turning it on and off over and over again will burn the bulb out--uh, duh!)
By Saturday, she was reduced to brushing the girl's hair and calling her "mommy's sweet angel", and mumuring that she was always such a good baby.

Definitely time for phase two!

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