Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Sorry about the lame X-mas card...

But we are probably lucky that mike is in it at all.

He warned me as soon as I got the camera out.
"I no take picture with YOU."

I did not believe him. This kid is 2, I've got 32 years on him, so presumably I should be able to outsmart him.

He would not pose with Gianna, near Gianna, in the same room as the tree or anything that resembled a Christmas decoration.

Good girl G (She posed like this for about 30 minutes, can you see the strain in her eyes?)

Impressive G! but where is Mike?

There he is...can you spot him?

Near the end, I resorted to bribery--not a first, nor will it be the last time. But it didn't work!

He sobbed while he ate the chocolate which meant I was still left with no viable picture for the card. How can chocolate NOT work when you are 2?? Chocolate still works on me.
Next year I'm hiring Beth to do my X-mas cards.

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