Monday, August 17, 2009

Guess what "P" stands for....

For vacation this year, we decided to forgo the camper and rent a house in North Truro. Fantastic idea! Two bathrooms! TWO! and that is not counting that outside shower--which is always a crowd favorite.

One of the things I love about the beaches at the end of the Cape is how remote they feel. The first day we arrived we drove onto the beach at Race point.

Looking right...nobody for miles.

Looking left, nobody. Except the two rugrats asking for fruit snacks (I believe fruit snacks are the equivalent of crack for kids).

There's my little addict.

More lightnin' McTween fruit snacks, pleeeeese? I can quit anytime...I pwomise!

Every year I have thoughts about going here or there, catching some of the theater in Welfleet, going on a whale watch, taking the kids to the Islands--but it is all for nothing, we spend just about all day every day on the beach.

This striper was a keeper (31 inches long)

Yes, all those kayaks belonged to us--next year we are bringing snorkels and fins too--I don't care how silly we look. There were whales and seals swimming with us everyday and loads of piping plovers. They are all delicious. (just kidding!!)

We did do a couple of non-beach activities...we made it to the Truro Vineyard for a tasting.

Yay! We're tipsy!

Bill scored a fire permit for that night too (because the BEST time to have a fire is when you are buzzed from a wine tasting). That meant everyone had to pile into the truck to get to the beach.

My favorite part was when bill started the fire by shooting lasers from his eyes.

I braved first degree burns for the s'mores, which are, in fact, worth getting second degree burns for. So I made out on that deal.

Did you know that beach fires are not supposed to exceed 3 ft in height? Nope, neither did we.

Lobsta..(of course) was eaten. and the carcass was subsequently played with.

As the week went on, things got more and more relaxed. Given what Justin and Bill told Mike that the "P" in P-town stands for, he felt it was more than appropriate not to wear pants.

Thanks guys, I have enough problems getting him to wear clothes as it is.

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