Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Rock Lobster

Great Halloween this year, no big events, no one puked in the neighbors breezeway (looking at you, Mike...).

The halloween costumes this year were also pretty low-key. Gianna picked a "dark princess". Frankly, I'm not sure that is a real thing, and I've taken a class on gothic literature. However, since she didn't want to be one of those floozy little Bratz characters, we couldn't really argue.

We sort of dropped the ball with Mike's costume. Right up until 2 weeks before Halloween, he hadn't decided, and when he finally did--he wanted to be Wall-E again (which was unfortunate because I had thrown out the remnants of his costumes during a recent playroom-purge session). We were banking on the fact that his three-year-old attention span is only a few minutes long and that Target has a dazzling array of costumes (this strategy works on me and nina effectively as well).

On the night of Halloween, it was unseasonably warm, which was great for walking around the neighborhoods. The kids got so much candy that their bags broke. We got some treats walking around the neighborhood as well (Thanks Neighbors!).

The hit of the neighborhood? Defintely Mario's lobster costume (though Nina and Justin's giving out bud light is a very close second). Mario is a BIG fan of halloween (and the trick or treaters were big fans of Mario, its a very symbiotic relationship).

It was most disturbing when Gia ran ahead to trick or treat with her friends from the neighborhood (both boys). We are so uncool. already--she's not even a tween.

ahhh...the loot! Two complaints: Not a Mounds to be found in all of this candy (my favorite) and not a single piece of dark chocolate (and DOTS, who eats those?).

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