Sunday, April 10, 2011

Number Three

Poor Angie...

Already three months have gone by and she hasn't had a single post on Soybutter. I really don't think she is taking it fact, most days I think she is glad that I don't forget her at G's dance class.

She is assimilating nicely into the family. She has learned to assert herself already, her explosive poops are enough to intimidate everyone but Nina. She is learning to share and has a (necessary) patience that her siblings did not need to have. We have routines we share with G and Mike, like mealtimes and bathtimes, and she has routines that are just hers.

It's magical to see the first signs of her personality emerging. She talks up a storm and is already more serious then her siblings were at this age. Her smiles are heavenly, but they are only won with a little effort on our part. I love it, but it was still bittersweet to pack away those tiny 0-3 month outfits this weekend. Fortunately, I know from experience--even more fun times are ahead!

Happy 3-month Angie, my beautiful number 3!

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Anonymous said...

Angelina like her mother is more beautiful than the day before. She has no patience with her Nonni pulling clothing over her head and gives her most beautiful smiles to the celing fan or alarm clock. What's up with that???