Thursday, June 21, 2007

Frog Jumping Contest!

That is apparently just the sort of thing I missed not growing up in a rural farmtown. Bill lured me to my first Stawberry-Fest at the Dudley Grange with promises of home-made strawberry shortcake (what is a grange?--I thought it was a rash that dogs get). Dammit, he knows I am weak in the face of any baked dessert. It's my kryptonite.

These people are SERIOUS about their shortcake (note the signage).

Yeah well, so am I.

Shortcake aquired (no, seriously--we ate all of those), it was time for another traditional Stawberry-fest activity; the Frog Jumping Contest. We came prepared--only two hours before, Bill and G had found Croakey Johnson. Here he all his amphibious glory.

Well, apparently never witnessing a frog jumping contest is JUST what they are looking for in a judge--namely, me. Thank God a 9-year old girl filled me in on the details before the contest. You hold the frog in the inner circle, and when they shout GO, you tickle their bum with a feather (?!?) until they reach the outer circle. First one to the outer circle is the winner. I was in charge of passing out and collecting the feathers (and collecting rogue frogs).

Note to self: At some point, I have to get G to where she doesn't let out a blood curdling scream whenever a frog touches her. I mean--seriously, she sounded like a girl.

Anyway Croakey Johnson (I did not name him--G did) came in second. Oh well, he did try his hardest, and I swear some of those other frogs were doping, which really skews the results.

And baby-meltdown later (ah, baby-meltdown, we know you so well) and it was time to go!


Brad said...

Second place is great!

Love the frog's name.

I hope you guys don't mind if we change Gaius's name to Croakey Johnson Turner.

Brad and Jen

Anonymous said...

I'm so proud of my girls!!!!!!!

Nina said...

My personal favorite of this posting is the photo of Mike's escape attempt from the stroller... I think I'll use that on my wedding website to introduce my ring-bearer...