Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Where are your parents?

Every year since G was born, our friend Beth graciously invites me and our friend Tam for a few days at the beach at her mom's cape house. In those early years, it was just us three moms and three girls.

Look at those sweethearts. The three of them are as close as cousins and on their own, they are angels---you might as well remove the words "time out" from your vocabulary. You can chalk that up to their superior intellect and maturity (or as I do, fantastic parenting, whichever). Honestly, hanging out with them is a pleasure--its more like having a little sidekick or teammate.

Its the addition of the other FOUR that starts to make your palms sweat and give you chills.

Holy Cr*p! Where did all those kids come from?

All joking aside, they not only had tons of fun--they were incredibly well behaved for the whole vacation. They were fantastic--especially after we figured out a few "strategies". Examples?

1. Mealtime takes too long--by the time you have a plate of food for #7, #1 and #2 are throwing applesauce at each other. We found that the "foraging" method worked great. Put some food out and eventually those little buggers would find it--(wait, that might be play-doh...)
2. You want the camera...take the camera. Acquiescence is a word I am learning to love.

3. When all else fails--retreat to the porch and tell them its "naptime". (but mom, its only 9:30 in the morning!)

Thanks Everyone for a great vacation!!

~m, gia & mike

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Anonymous said...

I love it! They are all so cute! We love our friends!!