Thursday, January 03, 2008

Mike rates snow: 6.5; snowball fights 9.9

This is Mike's first real year with snow--last year he was bundled up and whisked from house to car and back. He was too little for any real understanding of winter except for the cold air that used to make him hold his breath when we ventured outside.

Like most of us who live here in New England--he seems to have a love/hate relationship with snow.
Well, initially it was more hate than love.
But you can climb it! (better than the dining room table even!)
...and build things!...or watch your mom and dad build things while your sister supervises--but fun nonetheless. Now he stands diligently without complaining as I put on layer after layer of gear-I guess he thinks that the snowpants and gloves are worth getting to climb the snowdrifts without me telling him to get down.
It only took 1 snowball for Mike to understand why snow is really cool. Chucking ice at each other? and it is sanctioned by the grown-ups? Count him in.

Wait until he finds out about snowboarding.

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