Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Oh my gosh...this weekend we had our first cheer competition. Being a good social butterfly, Gia has been involved in a number activities, dance class, softball, soccer. I really thought I was prepared for this--we've been going to practice every Thursday since November.

I wasn't.

Not. even. remotely.
I should have known when I saw the prep...

I learned it is possible to feel excitement, amazement, revulsion and boredom all at the same time. I was amazed by the stunts that these little kids were doing--I mean they really got Francesca up there!!

But the outfits and makeup...well, we know the girls loved it.

It's not unlike watching Iron Chef (the real one, from Japan) when they are doing a really weird food, you are familiar with all the pieces (those are chefs, a grill, food) but not how it goes together (sea urchin ice cream??) and ultimately, its too long to watch who wins so you change the channel.

This was one of two tables of trophies. There were WAY more teams than trophies. That's a lot of routines to watch. (and to be honest, we did not stay the whole day!)

This was skating right on the edge of being too much for me to handle; the girls however--barely impressed.

After her routeine, I tried to have a 'moment' with Gia to tell her how proud I was; she was amazing! I honestly was impressed

Umm, yeah. I got a Lollipop!! Can I have it?! can i? canIcanIcanIcanIplease?

I can't wait for the next one! (fortunately I won't have to--its in a couple of weeks!)

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tam said...

We are so happy to be able to share this cheer experience with our firends! WOW, what an expierence it was?!?!?!?

We are so lucky to have you as friends & again I apologize for dragging you into this crazy cheer life!!