Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Our new favorite cartoon is Chowder.

It centers around a magical chef and his family. All the characters have food names--Panini, Truffle, Gazpacho. The writing is plenty witty enough to keep the adults among us entertained (the main character, Chowder, has a pet called Kimchi that is a little stink cloud--genius!)

Plus the skits are interspersed with trippy dancing fruits and other foods. Particulary fun when you're all hopped up on Sudafed and Advil. Plus I love that Gianna asks me about new foods; last trip to the grocery store, she suggested we buy an Endive to try.

Mike's favorite is Shnitzel--who is described as a rock monster.

He is a sous chef in the kitchen. Like Coco on Foster's Home, his speech is limited-yet he has no trouble expressing himself. Mike clearly idenitfies with him for this reason (radda, radda?).

So, being the uber-mom that I am, I made him a Shnitzel from a grey t-shirt (note the apron-hellooo...props anyone?). He was not all that impressed. :(

It does come in handy for smothering your sister I suppose.

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