Tuesday, June 17, 2008

You're not going to want to mention this at CCD, sweetie

So, I found these toys exactly as you see them.

Hey Jasmine, who's your new friend? Yeah, seriously, she needs to lighten up.

Listen Mulan, not everyone has smokin' abs like I do. YOU of all people shouldn't judge, I mean weren't you like, a male impersonator?

I don't know why we have this Virgin Mary, and I don't know why she is exactly the same size as the Disney Princesses. I just know that I'm probably going to hell.


~Justin said...

I want to say SOMETHING regarding this, but i just dont even know what to say.... you're probably going to hell... but i laughed out loud, so i'll join you there and we'll hit the whiskey :)

mom said...

highballs for everyone! wait, that sounded WAY dirtier than I intended...