Saturday, June 21, 2008

Lost in translation

Me: Hon, what are you doing?

Mike: Buggy Mama! HI BUGGY! (daddy longlegs-getting stomped)

Me: Yes, that's a nice buggy. Oh no--we don't hurt the buggy Mike!

Mike: Buggy, yes, hurt Buggy Mama! (stomp)

Me: NO! We are NICE to the buggy!

Mike: Why?

Me: Because they are living things and we don't hurt living things.

Gianna: well, except ticks and fleas--you HATE ticks...

Mike: HURT TICKs Mama! (stompstompstomp)

Me: NO! We are NICE to other living things.

Mike: Nice? Nice Buggy, Nice Feathers! NIIIICE Mama!

Me: wha...? yeah, we have to be nice to birds too...(?)

Gianna: He's saying FLOWERS, remember yesterday you told him not to hurt the flowers? He was stomping on them...(I swear she whispered "psycho" under her breath)

Me: Right! Yes! Nice to buggies, nice to flowers!

of course, at that exact moment a mosquito lands on Mike.

I killed it.

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Nina said...

Michael's godzilla-like behavior with the bugs certainly does not transcend to lobsters, closed doors, or puppets.