Sunday, September 14, 2008

More Beach FUN! (with only a little bloodshed)

My favorite thing to do at the beach is nothing, followed by nothing and sometimes, later--I just relax and do nothing (if watching the kids and opening a continous stream of snack packs and capri suns for them counts as nothing).

Not everyone feels like that. Our friend Ken rarely sits still at the beach and regularly catches 30 pound stripers.

I should also mention, this is the same man that throws on flippers and chases the seals away. That's right after he jumps in his kayak to drop his fishing line miles out on the ocean. Its safe to say he's pretty darn intimidating* (and would be more so if he wasn't so good getting juiceboxes for the kids--but shhhh....we don't speak of that).
That's his hawttie of a wife.

In the face of that blur of activity--Bill brought his ocean-fishing pole (I'm sure there is a more technical term for it, fortunately not too many guys read this blog). We didn't catch too many fish--but we did manage to catch something else!

Picture this, all 5 kids in the truck (eating snacks and watching a movie), Tam looks out the window and notices a poor seagull with a lure stuck in his beak. At this point, we were just sort of hoping the kids didn't notice, one less life lesson to explain and all that. Just then, the seagull tried to fly away and we realized it wasn't any lure stuck in its beak, it was attached to Bill's fishing pole. This may be time for a cartoon...

So even though Ken may be the envy of pretty much all the guys on the beach--it was my beloved that ended up with a sweatshirt covered in seagull blood, go Bill! The kids really did think it was pretty impressive how he jumped right in there and grabbed that seagull (in case you are wondering, I did help--it's HUMAN germs I don't like, animal germs-not so bad). The seagull was (mostly) unharmed as well. So I guess it turned out ok.

If you don't count the therapy the kids are going to need.

*You can pretty much replace Ken's name in any of the Chuck Norris Facts....

such as: Ken doesn't frostbite, Ken bites frost; or There is no theory of evolution, just a list of animals Ken allows to live.


tam said...

Ken is my hero too!!!

And, the whole seagull incident was a little distubing...but Bill's life saving actions were impressive!

maria said...

I like to think of Ken as our own personal Chuck Norris...i was going to put something about how all the guys have man-crushes on him, but I thought that might be too much!!!