Monday, September 15, 2008

pls send applications to PO Box 666

The following is all true.

Gianna asked me the other day:

"Mum, why would a mommy want to give her baby away for adoption?"


I did exactly what you are NOT supposed to do and launched into a long soliloquy--starting with "Some mommies are not ready..." and somehow ending with me explaining the term "symbiotic".
We have friends at different stages of pregancy; from getting ultrasounds to just finishing the nursery. We also have a number of friends who are adopted--I can see where the question may have arisen, but that doesn't mean I had a great answer. I was really banking on my ability to talk so much and employ so may tangents that she would eventually give up and go watch tv.
Alas, she sat with rapt attention the entire time.

After I finished she looked at me sideways--clearly I had not given the answer she was looking for.

"So, Michael is too old now to be adopted?"

Ah. Yes he is.

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