Tuesday, December 22, 2009

White no, TAN with a green roof

I think that it is pretty standard to hate on your hometown...everybody thinks where they grew up is too small-town, too clique-y. Not surprisingly there is a Facebook page devoted to hating your hometown. I think the real reason most people hate their hometown is because thats where they went through their ackward teenage years and no one likes remembering that.

Not the town's fault you made bad decisions at age 14, people.

Anyway, some people move BACK to their hometown, in the same neighborhood they grew up in... And while those people's siblings would love to laugh at that, they can't. Because they did the same thing. There is a comfort in your hometown too, and I guess that is what I focus on.

Anyway, one of the things I love about Millbury is every year Santa drives through town the Sunday before Christmas. He gets to ride the firetruck and pass out lollipops too. At a function for Gia's school this year, some of the parents who grew up in Millbury were remembering how this happened every year while we grew up. We all remembered running out of the house, shoes on the wrong feet and no coat in December to catch a glimpse. It is one of those little things that becomes a tradition under your nose.

I'm glad my kids get to take part in this town tradition too. This year we are especially glad that he got to do a drive-by. The siding we put on last month changed our house color, and we wouldn't want him to be confused on the big night.

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