Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Holiday Wrap-up

The holiday post is way overdue, but here are some great pics from the holidays. Santa did find our house, and he was good to everyone.

X-mas morning...notice the Zhu Zhu pets on the fireplace. They have yet to be played with (downside: out $50 bucks, upside: no lead poisoning! I think its a win).
Gia with her American Girl Doll! This the one with the llama. (as opposed to the one with the horse, the one from the depression, the homeless one--someday I'll learn their names).
And Nina with her American Girl doll. Err...I think this is the one from China....

My two little angels eating the holiday dinner. Wait, is that Mike saying grace?!?
Actually, he is squishing the roll between his hands to mash it flat. Because it "tastes better that way".

I hope you all had great holidays!!

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