Wednesday, March 31, 2010

April Fool's and Cognitive Psychology

yumm....grilled cheese!

G was a little confused when I served her this last night...but I blamed it on being distracted (long day, can't concentrate, blah blah blah). She found it rather easy to believe that yet again, I don't have my act together. (is there a message for me in there somewhere? that's what sublimation is for folks--let's make some crafts! )

Anyhow--this is actually slices of butter poundcake (toasted) with orange-tinted vanilla frosting. It took a few bites for her to believe it was dessert and not a grilled cheese--even after I showed her the frosting. It was interesting how long it took for her switch her thinking and not trust her eyes. Mike would not believe it no matter what we did. He would not try it.

This is what they are getting at breakfast--its not cranberry juice, it's jello. Whee! THIS is what parenting is all about, playing mindgames with your children.

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