Tuesday, August 28, 2007

bad blogger!

We have been sooo lax about posting this last month. Frankly, it's summer, it has been hot, and there was lots of ice cream we had to eat.
Anyway--here are some August highlights:

Gianna and Bill at the St. Joseph Festival in the North End.

Mike and some goats

Gianna at her first soccer practice (She is in all pink--how CUTE are those shingards? again...it's all about the outfit)

Mike and some more goats (different goats, different day)

Gianna doing karate at Old Sturbridge Village (FYI--when you are 5, it is totally appropriate to bust out your killer moves anywhere you feel like it--even in the face of glaring anachronisms)

Mike and...actually those are sheep. Nonetheless, we are worried about his obsession with farm animals.

Lots more stuff happened...stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

As a renouned child psychologist, I have some theories about your son's obsession with goats and occasionally sheep. it will cost you $200.00 to find out what my theories are though.

mom said...

hmm...would you tell me for a bag of oats? Mike seems to have an abundance of that under his crib. Should I worry?