Tuesday, July 17, 2007

girls vs. boys

Big week..G's first at camp! She is really enjoying the autonomy. Sunday night we discussed how she would be doing lots of things all by herself--choosing what she wanted for lunch, going to the bathroom, changing in and out of a bathing suit. These are small things, but when you have a control freak for a mom....well, let's just say she was THRILLED at the prospect of making some of her own decisions.

See, she couldn't even stand still for a picture on the first day.

I am still adjusting to being mom to a boy. When Gia was 1, she would water our flowers with her little watering can. Very sweet. And then there is Mike:

and in case you are worried and think *I* might be doing that to him...

needless to say--it didn't take long for him to figure out it was really fun to squirt his sister (note in this pic, he is spraying with the hose and trying to wack her with a tomato stake at the same time).

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