Wednesday, July 16, 2008

i scream, you scream, but Mike is always the loudest

After years and years of seeing ads for the Big Dipper ice cream event and then forgetting to go (I know, its hard to believe I would forget about all-you-can-eat-ice cream, but you try living with this zoo) we FINALLY went. It was all I dreamed of and more.

Hands down, the family favorite was Cake Batter ReMix by Coldstone Creamery. Its their sweet cream ice cream with chocolate cake batter, chocolate sprinkes--yeah, like I need that in my life.

As a bonus, Elm Park was having a sculpture in the park event. So to work off all that ice cream, we ran around and looked at the ART.
They all had cute names--this one was secret places.

ok, not all the names were cute--this one was pretty obvious.

Um, yeah, duh.

but this one was cool. It has a little sign that says "Listen".

how do you know its time to go home and have a nap?

that's how.

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