Monday, July 28, 2008

The 10th circle

This weekend I had the pleasure of going to NYC for Gianna's b-day present, tickets to The Little Mermaid on Broadway.

The show was great, mermaidy-cuteness abounded. Since it was Gianna's day, she got to pick what she wanted to do, and what better place to go if you are are 6 year old in Manhattan than:

American Girl Place

I was never a "doll" girl. I never liked them, never played with them, not even barbies. Maybe it was the creepy voices that my mom gave them (you KNOW you did mom), or maybe it was because I watched a lot of Twilight Zone as a child, but I prefered arts and crafts.

I contend that even if you love dolls, this place is scary as hell. Look what it did to my little girl.

Yes, she's one of them now.

At least she picked the hippy doll from the 70's. She asked me to hold her doll while she went to the little (doll's) girls room. She didn't know there were DOLL HOLDERS in the potty. If that is not proof of the evil that lurks there, then I don't know how to convince you. ("Mummymummymummy--give me JULIE! There's a holder-she can WATCH ME!")

ick and ick.

For the record, this is the doll that I picked:

Ok, he's from Toys'R'Us, but isn't he CUTE! (and he doesn't want to watch me pee).


Anonymous said...

Ruth's concern is that even if you hang your doll to watch you pee, you have to pick the doll up before
you wash your hands. ick and ick

mom said...

There are so many problems with the potty-doll-holder concept, some are hygenic and some are philosophical. But totally, I'm with you Ruth: ick and ick.