Wednesday, July 16, 2008

seven, no wait...that's EIGHT.

Let me tell you--we mommies are nothing if not efficient. I still can't believe how much fun we packed into two days at the Cape House.

Craft time!

Lacrosse (really it is a discussion group on How to Smack your Sister with a Stick and Call it Sports)

remember this guy? Mike does. He'll be needing therapy for years to come.

Oh my gosh--even DINNER OUT...first time that has happened since there were only 3 little girls!

plenty of mermaid time....

I am always amazed at how the moms take it all in stride--grab the kids, all their gear, all their food, don't forgot binkies, do-dos, and stuffed piggies. Not to mention all the other stuff they need, we need and still make it home to pack lunch for camp the next day. I was listening to my friend's "list" for her husband for a day she would be working. Not only was everything itemized, but addresses were already listed (or in her case, programmed into the GPS), phone numbers included, and suggestions for lunch and snacks even provided. WOW...look at all the stuff you do! That is amazing! She said--um, duh--you do the same. The difference is you don't need a LIST. You just DO it.


I really, really wanted to be Wonder woman when I was little. I guess I am now--just not exactly the way I thought I would be.

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